Life Source Living

Life Source creates & sustains us,

our thoughts direct Life Source Flow,

our feelings charge & amplify Life Source Flow,

our body, our life & our experiences are the result.



Katrina Troolines, C.Ht.


Living from my Source has been amazing.  I am clearer, calmer and have tools to re-center when I need to.                      A.J.


The very Source of Life that creates and sustains us can be experienced and found within each of us.

The key to our health, vitality, relationships and life experiences can be directly linked to how strong and freely our Personal Life Source is flowing throughout our entire being.

When our Personal Life Source is freely flowing, we are experiencing radiant health, sparkling vitality, nourishing relationships and empowering life experiences.

The Life Source Living approach offers a truly holistic healing & transformation process, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Empowering the engagement, amplification and conscious direction of your Personal Life Source Flow offers deep healing and rewriting of the patterns that were creating the unwanted experience or situation at the Source, allowing a thorough transformation from the inside out.

Life Source Living's holistic healing & transformation process offers therapies and personal coaching to address the classic model of body/mind/spirit and may include:

  • Tranformational Hypnotherapy
  • Life Source Living Personal Coaching
  • Energy Medicine
  • Energy Body Fitness
  • CranioSacralTherapy
  • Somato Emotional Release

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Katrina Troolines, C.Ht.

Katrina developed the Life Source Living holistic healing & transformation process as an organic result of decades of practice and study as a healing artist, coupled with her life long knowing and insatiable thirst for the discovery of her own innate powers of healing and transformation.

A native Californian, the whispers of nature, from seashore to hillsides and even deserts, have afforded her environments of listening to the deep within's, and introduction to the Personal Life Source Flows of healing and transformation.  It is as a guide and facilitator that she now extends her hand to you for the remembering and engagement of these same places of Life Source within you.

No stranger to the world of commerce and the corporate world, Katrina's professional life, beyond private practice as a healing artist, has found her interfacing within the worlds of publishing, major film & television, political campaigns and as a hospice chaplain/grief facilitator.

It was the summer of 1987, while participating in the packaging of major films and television that an undeniable calling to change the course of her professional path took hold.  Already focusing her life upon yoga, meditation and the subtle energies that seemed to be ruling our bodies and lives, it was time to make the leap professionally and so she did.


The practical application of the Life Source Living process, for healing, growing and every day empowered living, has been earned and demonstrated both personally and with clients spanning some (30) years of professional practice.

Katrina has been a bright light in my life's journey of healing.  I have known her and benefited from her work for more than twenty years.                     Barbara S.


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