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Our Personal Life Source Flow provides the vitality and the very power stream that is the Magnificence and Sparkle of Being that True Empowerment springs from.

Life Source creates & sustains us,

our thoughts direct Life Source Flow,

our feelings charge & amplify Life Source Flow,

our body, our life & our experiences are the result.



Katrina Troolines, C.Ht.

Ready to let your Magnificence shine ?

Establishing one's clear, unobstructed Personal Life Source Flow is a foundational aspect of the Life Source Living process.

Planting the seeds of thoughts & feelings in order to direct and amplify Personal Life Source Flow in the direction of one's desired expansion may then take place.

Tending to the new seeds of thoughts & feelings.  Nourishing, weeding and maintaining a clear, unobstructed Personal Life Source Flow.  The new thoughts & feelings may quicken, resulting in new desired behaviors and states of being.

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