Health & Healing

Our Personal Life Source Flow feeds, nourishes and provides vitality to our cells, tissues, organs and experience of Well Being.

Our thoughts, feelings and the stories we hold can block or distort our Life Source flow within our physical body and energy body.

Eventually, blocked or distorted Personal Life Source Flow may express itself as disease, discomfort, pain and low vitality or energy levels.

When you are ready to be healed, to allow your own Personal Life Source Flow to transform and heal you from the Inside Out, The Life Source Living process can guide and assist you.

Because the Life Source Living process of transformation addresses the whole person (body-mind-emotions-energy) simultaneously, healing has the opportunity to occur thoroughly and at The Source.

Life Source creates & sustains us,

our thoughts direct Life Source Flow,

our feelings charge & amplify Life Source Flow,

our body, our life & our experiences are the result.


Katrina Troolines, C.Ht.


Accelerate Healing
Rejuvenate & Energize
Promote Cellular & DNA Healing
Improve & Optimize All Levels of Health
Surgery Preparation & Recovery
Ease Pain & Chronic Pain Management
Body Relationship / Food Behavior
Improve Sleep Patterns
Grief, Loss & Transition

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