Soul Self

& Spirit Flight

Life Source creates & sustains us,

our thoughts direct Life Source Flow,

our feelings charge & amplify Life Source Flow,

our body, our life & our experiences are the result.


Katrina Troolines, C.Ht.


Our Personal Life Source Flow is our direct connection to our Soul Self.  The aspect of our-self that is eternal and is the container within which our (body-mind-emotions-energy) resides.

Connecting with our Soul Self is just the beginning.  Developing our own unique way of communicating and interacting with one's Soul Self opens a door into one of the most powerful and expanded relationships available to us.

Take a look through the Looking Glass via your own Personal Life Source Flow. See what your Soul sees. Know what your Soul knows.

Life Between Lives (Soul Self connection)
Soul Family ReUnion
Regression (Past & Future Lives)
Spirit Flight
Preparations for Final Spirit Flight
Final Spirit Flight / Soul ReUnion

Take a spin around during Spirit Flight, and try out your wings.

You may discover why you chose this particular life, and these particular people in your life.  You will surely expand your view and context of being.

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